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Jacob Rhoton

Developer & Designer

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About Me

I'm Jacob, and I've always loved building things with my hands. For me, web development isn't just about building a product. It's a form of creative self-expression that allows me to breathe life into new ideas, one line of code at a time.

Being self-taught, everything I know is a result of my own curiosity and perseverance. I learn by experimenting, and toying with all sorts of ideas.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently.

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Node.js

My Experience

Software Engineer, React

 @ Hotel Engine

July 2021 to November 2022

  • Built a full-stack analytics dashboard to help customers monitor specific KPIs and generate actionable insights into their performance.
  • Created custom data visualizations from market, year-over-year datasets.
  • Delivered MVP to shareholders in under three months.

Software Developer

 @ Reynolds and Reynolds

January 2019 to July 2021

  • Built a web portal for customers to view invoices and other important documents.
  • Integrated modern web frameworks with a legacy COBOL codebase.
  • Awarded the Meritorious Performance Award within the first year of employment.

Let's Connect

I'm looking for work! Whether you have something in mind or you'd just like to chat, my inbox is always open.

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